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What is a Cake Pop 3


If you've never had one you might be asking yourself, "What exactly is a cake pop?" It's the newest and trendiest dessert around! A cake pop is cute morsel of moist cake perfectly placed on a stick. Portable, customizable and no mess! It's a lollipop of cake! Yummy!

But now that you know what a cake pop is you should be asking, "What are Betty Lou's Cake Pops?" Betty Lou's Cake Pops have been described as Heaven on a Stick! Betty Lou's are more than just cake pops. They are luscious little bites of rich, velvety cake covered in chocolate. That perfect blend of silky cake and rich, smooth chocolate keeps you begging for more. Betty bakes every batch fresh to order and personally decorates each cake pop to your desire then wraps each pop individually with love. One thing is for sure, they will be the talk of the party! But be sure to order enough. It's been said that people have taken more than their share; swiping extra cake pops to take home to their loved ones (or for themselves!). If you've never had a cake pop before, you're in for a real treat! Even if you have, you haven't tasted heaven until you've had a Betty Lou's Cake Pop. So, go ahead! Indulge! And pop a Betty Lou's cake pop into your mouth.


Betty grew up in the small town of Belding, Michigan making her parents breakfast in bed Betty style! Pancakes and cookies were the only things on her menu. Yum! Betty now lives in Los Angeles, California making her whimsical, scrumptious cake pops for fans across the U.S! It all started after she took her first batch of cake pops to the L.A. Dodgers' employee potluck lunch for the closing game of the season. Little did she know that everybody would want more of her cake pops! Two weeks later Betty Lou's Cake Pops took off at full speed and has not slowed down since. All it takes is one bite and you're hooked! Betty has lots of fun creating new delicious cake flavors and gets inspired when somebody asks her to make a new cake pop design. She loves animals and has two cute pups, a fluffy cat, and a big fish called Mojo, all of whom have been made into a cake pop characters. Betty Lou loves to hike and lives with her boyfriend Shon who gets his daily intake of cake pops as well.

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